Testing Oracle Software Packager

Finally got the time to test drive the Oracle Software Packager 2.2 that is used to create installation packages installable by Oracle Universal installer.

Great tool! After 1 hour I got my first installation staging area built up and tested using Oracle Universal installer.
Just wondering why this tool is not more widely used within our customers and partners.

Oracle Software Packager can create installation components which can be bundled together to create a main installation component. This seems to work nicely when using a "custom" installation option. All the subcomponents can be either selected or de-selected the same way as it works with OracleAS or OracleDB installation.

I'm going to use the installer to bundle all custom Interconnect adapters, adapter customizers and transformations so that they are more easily installed. The package will be called OracleAS Interconnect Power Pack.


Anonymous said...

Hi Harri,

I am using Oracle Software Packager. And I meets some problems. Can you help me in using this tool "OSP"? If you see these words, whould you please reply me to send me a mail?
my email: dcbenwu@gmail.com

thanks in advance.

ullasram said...

Hi Harri,
I am interested in knowing more on OSP. Could you please let me know if this can be used for packaging Web components. I will be grateful to you if you could provide me some guidance on Web component packaging and installation using OSP & OUI.

Thanks in advance.

Nams said...

Hi Harri,

I am using Oracle Software Packager, and i am facing some issue in using it. Can you help me in using OSP? If you see this post please contact me on mail id : namankmis@gmail.com