Slide WebDAV server on Oracle or Orion J2EE, not working?

Ran into very interesting Apache project "Slide":

This is an open source WebDAV J2EE implementation that is runnable (theoretically) on any Servlet 2.3 compliant web container.
Well, of course I could not resist trying this out on Oracle OC4J server. Deploying went fine but trying to run the engine will result on errors complaining on XML libraries. Apparently this product is built on top of open source XML libraries and out of the box they are not compliant to be run on any J2EE container.

The second trial was with Orion J2EE server. The deployment went fine but received errors when trying to access the http://localhost/slide -URL. The errors seem to complain about missing encoding libraries. If I just knew what should I do...
Here is the error message:

Orion/2.0.5 initialized
28 Nov 2004 22:06:07 - org.apache.slide.webdav.WebdavServlet - ERROR - java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException: "UTF-8"
java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException: "UTF-8"
at sun.io.Converters.getConverterClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.io.Converters.newConverter(Unknown Source)
at sun.io.CharToByteConverter.getConverter(Unknown Source)
at sun.nio.cs.StreamEncoder$ConverterSE.<init>(Unknown Source)
at sun.nio.cs.StreamEncoder$ConverterSE.<init>(Unknown Source)
at sun.nio.cs.StreamEncoder.forOutputStreamWriter(Unknown Source)
at java.io.OutputStreamWriter.<init>(Unknown Source)
at com.evermind.server.http.EvermindHttpServletResponse.getWriter(Unknown Source)
at javax.servlet.ServletResponseWrapper.getWriter(ServletResponseWrapper.java:37)
at org.apache.slide.webdav.util.DirectoryIndexGenerator.generate(DirectoryIndexGenerator.java:165)
at org.apache.slide.webdav.WebdavServlet.doGet(WebdavServlet.java:352)
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:244)
at org.apache.slide.webdav.WebdavServlet.service(WebdavServlet.java:158)

at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:336)
at com.evermind._ha.doFilter(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.slide.webdav.filter.LogFilter.doFilter(LogFilter.java:141)

at com.evermind._ctb._psd(Unknown Source)
at com.evermind._ctb._bqc(Unknown Source)
at com.evermind._ax._luc(Unknown Source)
at com.evermind._ax._ucb(Unknown Source)
at com.evermind._bf.run(Unknown Source)
ApplicationServerThread, 28-marras-2004 22:06:07, unauthenticated, GET, 500 "Internal Server Error", 40 ms, /