Powerpoint notes removal add-in

I described earlier a way to add a VBA macro in Powerpoint to allow removing the comments out of PPTs. This required adding the macro each time manually or having the macro in the powerpoint template by default. I decided that I make this small utility more handy by adding this as PPT add-in. This way the macro will be available all the times when dealing with PPTs.

Here is the PPT add-in (HJK_Remove_Notes.ppa), which you need to copy to the Microsoft add-ins directory. In my workstation the target directory is: C:\Documents and Settings\hkaukovu\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns

After this you should restart the Powerpoint and navigate to Tools -> Add-Ins and press "Add New...". Choose the HJK_Remove_Notes.ppa -file and press Enable Macros button to start the add-in. You should have Plugins -menu item after the "Help" and from there if you choose "Delete Notes" you should be able to delete all the notes from the currently open PPT. The VBA macro will confirm you before you delete the notes.

If you find any issues pls let me know.

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