New syntax for Oracle WSM wsmadmin md5encode

For those that might have seen OWSM md5 hash encoding utility (e.g. for .htpasswd file), there has been a slight change in the syntax and parameters for

wsmadmin md5encode <file> <username>

the old syntax ( was instructed like:

wsmadmin md5encode <username> <passwd> <file>

Latter doesn't work in WSM any more.


Axis2 Web Services Container on OC4J

I was working on a project to call Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) from Oracle ESB as part of integration scenario. Part of the ODI installation is to set up infrastructure for public web services, that e.g. allows to call ODI integration scenarios remotely using Web Services calls. ODI Public Web Services uses Apache Axis2 as the web services container.

Installing Axis2 on OC4J 10.1.3. was a real "as easy as 1-2-3" task. Downloaded the WAR Distribution zip file from http://ws.apache.org/axis2/download.cgi, unzipped it on my hard disk and then deployed it using Oracle Application Server control.

After Axis2 WAR deployment, the web services container was ready to rock and to upload the odi-public-ws.aar file required by ODI.

This is just as a reminder for people that wonder how to work with Axis2  and OracleAS.


Unconventional Oracle Installation

Some competitors claim Oracle DB installation takes many days and lots of resources.

These Danish hard core Oracle professionals prove this is not true:



Please don't try this at home, at least alone ;)