Great utility to free up disk space: JDiskReport

There is not enough of disk space. No matter how large hard disk you get, it will get filled up eventually.


After having only 20MB of free space on my C: -drive, I finally take a closer look at the utilities that can point me the directories and files that are reserving the most of the disk space. I found this great utility:


Good looking, graphical, Java -based, free and easy to use utility to show exactly what are the directories and files consuming the most of your disk space.

After scanning thru my C: and D: drives I could purge almost 13 GB of meaningless files.

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sap upgrade tool said...

I do also faces this problem of disk space e but didn't have any option to solve this problem. I am grateful to you for suggesting me this nice solution and sharing information about this great utility. I will try this utility for sure and make full use of it.