ODI Public Web Services on WebLogic 10.3


For some reason trying to run ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) public web services on axis2 (1.2.1) container on top of WebLogic 10.3 seemed problematic. Axis2 WAR deployment was successful, but for some reason Axis2 refuses to upload/install the ODI web services AAR file. Nothing in the logs.

After cratching the head a while I figured out the way to get ODI public services installed on WebLogic 10.3. Here are the steps:

Step 1 (please adjust according to your env)

Copy €ODI_HOME/oracledi\tools\web_services\odi-public-ws.aar –file to the Web Logic Axis2 deployment directory:


Step 2: Edit services.list

Edit services.list, add:

Step 3: Bounce the axis2 application

Stop the axis2 application and start. Now you should have the ODI public web services API available as Axis2 service.