Android Beem XMPP Client Against Oracle Beehive XMPP Server

I’ve got my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Spica) and was getting all the needed software from Android market.

One of the problem areas was to find a XMPP client that could connect to SSL protected custom XMPP server. In my case Oracle Beehive XMPP server.

One of the candidates was Beem XMPP client (tried version 0.1.2) which can connect nicely e.g. Google XMPP service. But trying to connect Beehive server with the “old port 5223” + SSL protection was something Beem was hanging forever.

I couldn’t find any other client that could do this (maybe there are), I decided to get the source code for Beem and debug the problem. Eventually found the issue and fixed the SSL connectivity problem in Beem source and voilĂ  – Beem can now connect to Beehive XMPP server.

I’ve emailed the fix to Beem project group so maybe some day the fix will get into the new versions, until then you can get my fixed Beem application that can be downloaded here:


Please note that you cannot use this application to update your current official Beem client since I used my own digital signatures to sign this custom fix. If you have Beem 0.1.2 installed, deinstall it first then e.g. point your mobile browser to the URL above and install the application. You will get notified about non-standard installation (installing applications form non-Android Marketplace), if you accept this you will get this application installed.

I’ve tested the modified Beem XMPP client both on Android 1.5 and Android 2.1. Seems to work well, at least in the cases where the server uses official (not self signed) server certificates for SSL.