OracleVM 3.0 Finally Out

The wait is over for those that have been waiting for OracleVM 3.0:


When starting my own business (http://www.ratioware.com), I decided to set up all my servers as OracleVM 2.2 virtual servers. I’ve been more than happy running my stuff virtualized, so I’m very interested in getting hold on OracleVM 3.0.

There are number of enhancements worth mentioning:

  • Policy based resource management
  • Centralized network and storage configuration and management
  • Performance, scalability and security enhancements
  • New management console

Not so happy surprise was that upgrading from OracleVM 2.2 was non-existent. All servers must be reinstalled with OracleVM 3.0.1 software, but you could utilize the 2.2 templates and virtual images.

I’m currently downloading the OVM 3.0 Server and Management Console installation packages and start planning for 2.2 –> 3.0 upgrade on my own server pool.

Maybe this would be a good time to get rid of my iSCSI SAN setup and replace it with NFS for easier management (backups, image copying etc).

Stay tuned for experiences on OVM 3.0 once I get it up and running.