BPM Editor and Python Extension Not Playing in Nicely in the Same Sandbox

I was playing with the latest FMW BPM Feature Pack when I noticed immediate NPE when launching any BPM process editor in my JDeveloper.

The stack trace was:


        at oracle.bpm.ui.action.BaseAction$ActionFuegoAction.putValue(BaseAction.java:496)

        at oracle.bpm.ui.action.BaseAction.setMsg(BaseAction.java:312)

        at oracle.bpm.ui.action.BaseAction$ActionFuegoAction.<init>(BaseAction.java:476)

        at oracle.bpm.ui.action.BaseAction.valueOf(BaseAction.java:100)

        at oracle.bpm.designer.catalogdoc.DocumentationEditorPanel.createActions (DocumentationEditorPanel.java:521)

        at oracle.bpm.designer.catalogdoc.DocumentationEditorPanel.createEditorPanel(DocumentationEditorPanel.java:504)

        at oracle.bpm.designer.catalogdoc.DocumentationEditorPanel.init(DocumentationEditorPanel.java:472)

After debugging long enough I found out that this was a compatibility problem with JDeveloper Python Extension and BPM Editor.

Python Extension is something I ported from JDev 10.1.2 to 10.1.3 and latest rewrote some portions to get it working on JDeveloper 11g. Aparently there is something causing side effects in BPM Editor so the recommendation from me is to disable this Python Extension to get BPM Editor working without these NPE issues.

To disable any extension you can follow these menu options:

Tools –> Preferences –> Extensions (from the left hand panel) –> Uncheck the Checkbox from Python Extension

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