Word of Warning for OracleVM 2.2 Upgraders

Decided to start upgrading my OracleVM 2.2 servers to the new OracleVM 3.0.2.

First obstacle was that the installation application didn’t recognize the CD drive it was originally started from. Weird. Got an error stating that I should have drivers to read the CD.

Went to buy an external USB DVD drive. Started the installation from there. Got a bit further but at the time I was supposed to choose my hard disk for partitioining, OracleVM 3.0.2 did’n find the hard drives at all.

Looks like OracleVM 3.0.2 is very picky on the supported hardware systems you can run it on.

Finally managed to install OracleVM 3.0.2 on USB Stick acting as hard drive. Well, obviously this isn’t a perfect solution to run my virtualization servers, so I reverted back to OracleVM 2.2.

So a word of warning to all those thinking of upgrading. You can either test the installation media just to see if it recognizes your hard drivers and then make decision whether to go forward or not.

I’m waiting for a new version of OracleVM to be released and hoping it has the kernel modules for my AMD/VIA based motherboard.


Anonymous said...

I did the installation using NFS sharing .I did try booting from usb but it didn't work .Which software you used to boot usb?

Harri Kaukovuo said...

To clarify: I installed the OVM using USB/CD drive and had another USB stick where I installed OracleVM directly. No additional software is used to make the bootable USB since when OracleVM installs the root file system it makes it automatically bootable.