One possible reason for not being able to login to OracleVM Manager

Today I faced the a weird situation when trying to login to OracleVM Manager 3.0.1 console. OVMM console did show up and provided me login screen. After entering username and password I got a weird internal error claiming login failed. Username and password were the right ones.

After a while of of debugging I noticed that all the passwords had expired from the OracleDB that holds the OracleVM repository.

I logged in as sys user and changed the default profile:

alter profile default limit password_life_time unlimited;

Then altered the passwords for the most important accounts: SYSTEM, OVS.

SYS user seemed to be in ok condition.

Then I restarted the OVMM process (root):

service ovmm stop
service ovmm start

After this login worked fine.

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