OSB 12c Test Console Not Working


You might face an issue with 12.1.3 OSB web based test console not working when you press the “Play” button from OSB console. You might see following error:

Error Accessing Test Configuration
"Test Console" service is not running. Contact administrator to start this service.

Manual instructs you to set the Admin Server listen address to something else than empty (which means admin server listens for all IP addresses). An example of “localhost” could be valid if you are running your installation e.g. on your own workstation.

In my case I had to also set the listen addres for the osb server as well in order to get the test console working properly. After setting the listen address you need to bounce the servers.


Fried Banana said...

we have listen address for all servers including the admin server still the test console doesn't work.

fyi we have virtual ips as listen addresses..

Fried Banana said...

We found a solution.This might be a bug in 12c.

So the solution is the configure the cluster address with only http ports.Including https server:port combination does not work.So basically log into the weblogic admin console to arrive at the cluster configuration page.Once there,

configure the cluster address as VIP1:httpport,VIP2:httpport2 and so on.IF you are not using VIP's then user the actualy DNS name or IP if you wish.

The test console works like charm.

Anonymous said...

One Simple solution for OSB 12c , restart Admin and Managed server.
I have tried it and it worked for me.

ravi vamsi said...

thanks harry,
Got success with the above turn around..
given Listen address as "localhost" (In my case) in the managed server.
and a server re-bounce worked like charm..!!

Ravi Vamsi

Manish Kumar Gupta said...

In my case I am already using admin server listen address and also I have cluster defined exactly mentioned above vip1:port,vip2:port but still it does not work. Also not able to find alsbdebug.xml file in my environment